Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Three Speshes

The kids and I have loved these last few beautiful days. The weather has been SO gorgeous outside. We have had picnics, played basketball and just sat around enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather. Milla seems to be amused by sitting outside, especially when the kids are riding bikes or playing basketball.

Milla had more fun at the picnic that this picture suggests. :)

The kids are growing more and more used to having our sweet Milla girl in the family. Today, when I put Milla down for a nap, Major went in and said, "Ohhh. Can I look at her? Isn't she beautiful, Mom?" Mary Alice and Major both give her dozens of sloppy kisses a day. Who can blame them? Milla doesn't seem to mind, and even gives them "kisses" too. Milla might get sick a little bit sooner than my other two. She has lots of grubby, germy little lips and hands all over her. She is much loved upon, though.

I am still feeling a little bit tired and overwhelmed by all that I have to get done each day. It is hard to prioritize household chores, time with God, time with my family, and schooling. I absolutely love my life right now, though. Each day at home is an adventure. I feel like my brain is a little bit slower than usual right now. Maybe it is the lack of sleep? I just feel like I am in a daze much of the time. I am thankful to have a husband who bears with me in my mental slowness. It can't be very attractive to be married to someone who is so ditsy, but he is nice not to make fun of me during this time where I am so clearly struggling to make sense of the simplest of concepts.

Mary Alice is really into Greek Myths right now. That has been her favorite thing that she's been studying BY FAR. She read some of her Greek Myths book to Major, who became interested as well. Josh rented this old eighties movie for family movie night tonight. It was based on Greek myths. It was hilarious! Even the kids laughed at the claymation-like monsters and etc. that were a part of this movie. Too funny! I have really enjoyed teaching Mary Alice at home this year. She is such an eager learner. She makes teaching easy. She has learned so much this year. So have I. :)

A funny thing that Mary Alice said the other day... We were at a restaurant (Cheddar's) celebrating Grumpy's birthday. Mary Alice was flipping through the drinks and dessert menu that stood up on the end of the table. She leaned over to Josh and said, "Why do they sell alcoholic drinks here?"

Josh said, "So they can make money."

Mary Alice looked at him thoughtfully and, with a serious face, suggested, "Why don't they sell Bible tracts?"

Josh laughed and replied, "Because then they wouldn't make any money."

We laughed and laughed at her silly suggestion. If only Bible tracts were a money maker! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Milla made her big debut at church this Wednesday night. It was so great to get out after 2 months of being cooped up. She was a hit! We've also been out several times in the last week or so to watch my brother, Ben, play basketball. Milla is his second biggest fan, right behind Major. :) Major cracks me up. He sits on the sidelines and cheers for Ben SO loudly. During breaks in the game, he stands up and plays with his pretend basketball. I am absolutely going to love watching that kid play basketball next year.

Major reminds me so much of my brother, Ben, at his age. He loves to be alone and spends much of the day in his room playing basketball. He builds little houses and makes up little characters. He is content to be by himself much of the time. On one hand, this is a good thing. Right now, I don't exactly have the time or energy to spend tons of one on one time with him. It bothers me a little bit, though, because I miss him and really like to hang out with him. The other day, I asked him to come down and hang out with me because I wanted to see him and talk to him. (He was by himself in his room and was drawing pictures with his markers.) I asked him to come and color downstairs with me. He said something like, "Mom, I don't mind if you come upstairs and watch me color, just as long as we don't talk." Um. Okay, Major. Also, a few weeks ago, he said, "Mom, sometimes I just like to be ignored." He really likes to be by himself. That's it. With no talking. I can't relate. :) What kid likes to be "ignored"? Anyway... I can't wait until he starts Kindergarten in the fall. That is just the excuse I need to "make" him spend time with me (and there WILL be talking then, too.) Crazy boy! I love him so much! He does like me to read to him and to play basketball or sports or games with him. He is my little buddy and such a boy!

Milla is growing like a weed! She is busting out of her clothes so fast. She has some things that she has been unable to wear, because she grew out of them too quickly. She is our sweet roly poly girl with lots and lots of chins. I have to carefully wipe her down every day or she will start to smell funny. We love our little chubbers. Her little cheeks are so kissable. She has been "talking" to us a little bit, but not nearly as much as Mary Alice or Major did at her age. She grunts alot more than she speaks, but is still cooing and gooing a little. She tries, though. We know what she means to say. We think she is absolutely brilliant :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sweethearts On Valentine's Day

This year we had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We decided to stay at home instead of going out on a hot date. Josh and I discussed it last night after the kids went to bed and concluded that there was nowhere else we would rather be this Valentine's Day than at home with our kids.

Using some items from our craft box, the kids made valentines for each other and for us. Mary Alice made some yummy cupcakes from the cookbook that Aunt Miranda gave her for Christmas. She decorated the table and chairs. We even pulled out the china and the special glasses that Josh's Grandmother gave us and filled them with some celebratory sparkling cherry cider. It was a special night.

Milla sat in her bouncy seat while we got everything ready...(Notice Major's foot at the top of the bouncy seat. This is how he bounces her.)

Our Valentine's Day dinner... The kids always think things like this are really special. Major wanted to dim the lights and light some candles, so of course we did!

Milla sat along side the table in her Valentine's Day outfit. Thanks for the leggings, Meredith!

Here are the fancy cupcakes that Mary Alice made. I just love pictures of her sweet little hands.

In the kitchen with Mary Alice...

Milla loves her new bloomers! My friend, Julie, had them made just for her. Aren't they cute? Milla even wanted her hiney to be Valentiney. :)

And now... A few random bath pictures... Mary Alice took a bath with Milla last week. It was super cute! I got some good pictures of the event, but, for the sake of Mary Alice's modesty, chose not to post them. Milla likes to take baths with her sis.

After bath... When I take Milla out of the bathtub, I wrap her up in a towel and let her lay on the floor for awhile. She will lay there for several minutes, smiling and cooing. Then...EVERY TIME... she pees all over the towel. What a sweet girl!

Mary Alice was designing hats the other day while she was in the tub. Very chic, don't you think?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pics for the Family

Milla is asleep. Ahhhh. Here are a few pics of the kids.

Milla is gaining weight nicely. We love her sweet little fat rolls. We lovingly refer to her as "Milla The Hut" right now because of her of her bald head and fat, roly-poly self. We think that she is absolutely beautiful!

She is smiling more and more these days. It is so precious to watch her interact with us. She especially loves Mary Alice. :)

Here are the kids with their newest cousin, Ranger. He is hard to see here, but he is super cute! We'll have to get a better picture later.

Mary Alice begs to hold Milla all the time. She sings to her and loves on her. I am so glad that Mary Alice has a sister.

Big brother, Major, is showing Milla his most prized possessions, his cars.

Here she is....our "Milla The Hut". :)

Daddy and Milla... I love this picture, because you can see her pretty blue eyes. She's warming up to her dad a little bit, now that she's getting older.

Gotta get back to work! Busy,busy,busy...