Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Compound

         Our family was blessed to be able to make a quick trip last weekend. We got a chance to visit a little place called "The Compound." The Compound is a little piece of Heaven right in the middle of Texico, New Mexico. Josh's Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle, two cousins, and their families all have houses built on the same plot of land. Their houses are all in a semicircle connected by a wooden walkway. They jokingly refer to it as "The Compound." It is a fun place to be. Josh's family has built a little Oasis right out in the middle of the dirt. It is always so much fun to go for a visit, not just because of the fun things there are to do, but because of the people we get to see.  We always leave "The Compound" with our hearts full. 
This blog is heavy on pictures and lighter on words. Believe it or not, I actually cut out lots of pictures. There were so many sweet ones, that it was hard for me to decide. 

Josh's family (His grandparents, Uncle Craig and Aunt Deon) with the kids  Love these people!
We met Craig and Deon at Fuddruckers in Lubbock on our way to The Compound. Craig and Deon took Mary Alice, Major, and their grandson, AJ to an Acapella concert that night. It was the kids' first real concert. They loved it! Jack thought Craig was really funny.
The Compound is highly entertaining to my kids. They always wear themselves out playing outside on the trampolines, go-carts and running around with their cousins. They are making some great memories. 
Milla girl loved the trampoline. So cute! 
Mary Alice and Major drove this Go-Cart all around the place. Mary Alice seemed like a speed demon. Watch out drivers! This girl will be on the roads in a few more years! 
Maje had fun playing baseball with AJ, Brice, and his dad.
The folks at The Compound are always working on some sort of interesting home improvement project. Right now, they are building this beautiful pond. I think it is going to be a duck pond, but is deep enough that people can swim in it. What fun! 
Mabel loves Mindy. Both of my girls love to hang out with Mindy and her girls.  
The girls got to feed Granddad's chickens. Then, Granddad let them get the freshly laid eggs out of the henhouse. My city girls were amazed. :) Craig and Deon let us take a few dozen eggs home.
Nima and Papa (Josh's other grandparents) and Uncle Troy and Aunt Ronda came down from Portales to visit The Compound. Everyone loves to visit The Compound. 

 Nima and Jack

Nima and Papa, Troy and Ronda with a few of the kids. I think the others were off on Go-carts, trampolines, etc. These were the only two kids we could find.


This girls loves her Nima!

Papa was so cute in his little hat! He was eating a powdered cookie that got all over his clothes. 

Grandmother and Milla girl
Grandmother with sweet Mabel
One last picture of our family with the sweet Grandparents before we headed back home.

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Your Friend From Church said...

You have a wonderful family!!! I remember when Mabel and Milla and Jack were born. They have grown up SO fast. You have also raised them so well and continue to. For a big Christian family to go out and spread the word about The Lord God Almighty. Your family can and will go out and change the world one step at a time.