Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mary Alice's Nose Ring

Josh, and I were sitting in the living room with the kids. All of sudden, Mary Alice looked up and said, "Ouch, I scratched my nose." I looked at her nose. She had a scratch on the outside and blood running out of the inside of her nose. Apparently, she had taken the hairclip she was wearing out of her hair and clipped it inside her nose.

I asked her why she was sticking her hairclips inside her nose. She said that she was pretending that her hairclip was a nose ring. A nose ring?? I didn't know that she even knew what a nose ring was!! Apparently, she just learned about Rebekah in Bible class on Sunday. Her teacher told her that Rebekah wore a nose ring. So, naturally, Mary Alice had to try it out for herself. What's the deal with my kids and nose bleeds lately??

Happy Halloween everybody!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Tea Party With The Ugly Stepsisters

Friday, I took the kids to my parents' house. My mom had promised Mary Alice that she would throw her the biggest and best tea party and that she and Hannah would dress up as the ugly stepsisters. True to her word, she threw a fabulous tea party that Mary Alice and Major thoroughly enjoyed.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the ugly stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella in their funny costumes. Not only did they have on costumes, but were also in character. I don't think Mary Alice knew quite what to think about the ugly stepsisters who argued over who was the prettiest, shoe size, etc. Uncle Ben was nice enough to wear a costume, even though I know it is not exactly his cup of tea, so to speak. He would do just about anything for Mary Alice and Major, though. Ben dressed up as "the butler" and followed Mary Alice's orders to play Christmas songs and The Music Man Soundtrack on the piano. We ate all kinds of delicacies and drank lots and lots of tea and punch. The kids had so much fun!

What a feast!!! (Major ate so much he had a tummy ache.)

The girl in her princess costume

Two funny stepsisters...

Ben (a.k.a. the butler)

More to come on the fall festivals that we attended this weekend. So much fun! I just love the fall!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Playing Dress Up


Mary Alice went in for a check up today. Everything looked great! Then she played dress up. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

Here There and Everywhere

We are recovering from a fun and busy weekend. On Thursday, the kids and I went to North Dallas to visit my friend, Tamra, and her two precious kiddoes, Benjamin and Cait. The kids and I had so much fun with them. One night didn't seem like quite enough time, though. Time always goes quickly when you're having a good time. The kids really enjoyed their first slumber party experience. Tamra and I spent lots of time talking while the kids were playing. The girls played dress up and dolls, while the boys played with guy things. Tamra spoiled us, and treated us like special guests. So much fun!

On Friday morning, we went back to visit our beloved friends at "preschool". Going to preschool and seeing our good friends is perhaps what I miss the most about living in Dallas. These kids are some special kids, well trained and well mannered, a joy to be around. It is always nice to go back to preschool for a visit. I love to see the ways that God is working through these mommies to teach their children what is right and good. The kids had fun seeing their old buddies and learning about Jesus. These women meet every Friday to teach their kids about God and His Word. One of the new things that they are doing this year is to teach their kids old hymns. I think each mom picked their two favorite hymns to sing with the kids throughout the year. So at the end of the year, these kiddoes will know eight old hymns. You who read my blog know that this is right up my alley! (Remember the Smith family sing alongs at the computer?) To me there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than little children praising God in song! Some of the old hymns have a richness to them that I think some of our newer songs just don't have. The older I get, the more I appreciate the words to these tunes. Just beautiful!

The two pictures above are most of the group playing "Mother May I?" after preschool. It seemed a little confusing to most of the kids. It was funny to watch them try, though! I am looking so forward to seeing my Dallas buddies in a few weekends. I am going on a Ladies' Retreat with their church. That is sure to be a great weekend of fellowshiping and learning.

We stayed at preschool until we had outworn our welcome and then jetted back home. When I got home, I rushed the kids into the house and then left to help my mom pick out a mother of the bride dress. I am proud of the dress she chose, which, I must say, is very non-matronly and quite classy. We picked it out in less than an hour, which is a record for my mom. Mom has always had a hard time finding an appropriate mother of the bride dress. Most mother of the bride dresses cater to the fashion needs of people like Dorothy from the Golden Girls. My mom and Dorothy have little in common in the way of size or style preference. I am proud to say that my mom will be quite the hottie come May 26th when my little sis gets married.

On Saturday morning, Josh's family came down from New Mexico to watch Mary Alice play soccer. It was so sweet of them to make the long drive to see the girl in action. I know she appreciated it. She loves her great grandparents so much!

Saturday, after the kids had a nap, we went to the State Fair with my brother, his wife, and their two kids. It was fun to get to see them, but I would strongly not recommend going to the State Fair on the final weekend, or on a Saturday EVER. It was like rush hour traffic with bodies. It was bumper to bumper. The lines were long everywhere. Josh, who had never been to the State Fair was not impressed. Maybe I can get him to go back next year if I bribe him a little bit? We'll see.

Oh yes, I feel I should mention the GREAT compliment Josh and I received yesterday. We are taking a dynamic marriage class at church. We've been in it for about six weeks. Each week everyone in the class is asked to share things about themselves and their marriage in front of the group. This week, Josh casually mentioned to the class that we'd been married for eight years. After the class was over, an older woman in the class approached us and said, "My husband and I were so surprised that you guys have been married for eight years. I figured, by the way you guys acted around each other, that you were newlyweds." This just made my day! What a great compliment! I think it is because I have such a great husband.

Well that's our weekend in a nutshell. One more thing, I just used spell check for the first time. It proved to be less than helpful. According to spell check, I should write "mummies" instead of "mommies", "tamer" instead of "Tamra", "busty" instead of "busy", "kiddies" instead of "kiddoes", "bloc" instead of "blog", "chit" instead of "Cait" and "Hattie" instead of "hottie". So, in closing, I guess I can say that I had a great weekend with my friend "tamer" and her "kiddies" Benjamin and "chit". This weekend was fun and "busty", unlike my "mummie" who is still a major "Hattie".

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Distorted Beauty

I think this article is interesting.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Two Little Sillies

We got these glasses at the dollar store today. I couldn't resist. Major said that the glasses make him "look like a doctor". I guess I won't tell our doctor that. She is a woman. Funny kids.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Few Words About The Maje

Here are a few words about our guy. Sorry if this is a boring post. Just keeping track of what our Maje is saying and doing these days.

Major has a couple of imaginary friends named "Buddy" and "Simon". Buddy is a horse and Simon is a person, just in case you were wondering. I think Major invented them so that he would have someone new to play with. Mary Alice is fun, but she can a little bit bossy to Major when they play together. Their play usually involves Major playing tea party, school, or house with her. Today Buddy and Simon sat by us at lunch, went to the Rangers' game, got sick and had to stay in bed, and rode around in Major's hands, before he threw them up into the sky (because they like to fly high). Lots of times I'll hear Major off by himself talking to "Buddy" and "Simon". It's pretty funny.

Major plays baby dolls with one doll, George. I was cracking up at him the other day, because he was playing with George the same way his daddy plays with him. Major told me that George was a sweet baby. Major said that he was George's daddy and that George likes to (in a gruff voice) "HORSEPLAY!!" Then he flew him up in the air and said, (in his gruffest voice) "My baby George is SUPERMAN!!!" According to Major, George also enjoys playing baseball and going to Rangers' games. If Major is going to play with dolls, at least he makes them do manly things.

Major loves his "blankie" right now. Blankie is his BEST friend. His blankie is handmade by Josh's grandmother, his "Nima". The Nima Blankie goes lots of places with us. Major talks to his blankie sometimes like it is a person. This morning he told me that "Blankie was going to watch" him while he played with his cars. Today Blankie sat next to us while we ate popcorn, but "he didn't want any because he was already full".

Major's favorite color right now is pink. Every time he and his sister color in their coloring books together, Major requests a pink crayon. When I fill their glasses at mealtime, he asks for a pink cup. The other day, we went mini golfing. He asked for a pink golfball. (His dad gave him a blue golfball instead.) Major doesn't have any pink clothes, but if he did, I'm sure he would ask for those as well.

Another thing that Major likes to do right now is to watch clips from Vision Forum's Everyday News. I mentioned this in an earlier post. For a long time he loved to watch "Taking Care of the Ladies". His new favorite is a video clip about two boys skinning a dove. He says, "Mom, I wanna watch Everyday News Yuck Skin A Doug." I think we may have a future hunter on our hands. I don't know if you can get camouflage in pink, though.

When we are out driving, Major loves to point out the landmarks we see. He'll say, "That says Wosa's!" (Rosa's) "Look, there's Bible class!" Or his Dad's favorite (not really) "Look Mom, it's Hobby Lobby!" Just yesterday, he said, "Look Mom! It's my favowite place...the mall!" I don't know why he would say that. We rarely go to the mall. Maybe he likes the indoor playground they have there. That is what I'm hoping anyway. Josh was very disappointed when I told him that the mall was his son's favorite place to go. He didn't think it was quite as funny as I did.

We were at the doctor's office a few days ago. We saw two newborn babies who had just gotten their shots. They were screaming. Both of their mothers were trying to pay and get out of there quickly. Major looked at the babies and said, "We need to take care of those babies! They sad!"

Yesterday, I was on my way home from running some errands. Major yelled out, "Mom! This red stuff that is bothering me!" I figured it was the usual, a loose string on his carseat or a bandaid that fell off or some other unimportant thing. I just ignored him until Mary Alice yelled, "Quick Mom! You better look! It is blood and it is all over Major!! Thankfully, we were close to home. I pulled into the garage. Major's carseat, hands, face, and mouth were covered in blood. It was everywhere! I pulled over and tried to figure out just where the blood was coming from. I figured out that he had a bloody nose. I was surprised at how much "red stuff" was there to bother him. It was nasty! I guess I'll pay attention the next time that Major lodges a complaint about something bothering him.

I put a diaper on Major last night. One of the fasteners pulled off. I went and got some masking tape and taped his diaper on before bed. When he came into our room this morning, I heard him tell Josh, "Hey Dad, I got tape on my buns!"

Major is a big momma's boy lately. There is nothing cuter than when he plays with my hair and says things like, "Mom, I lu you." I am a bit confused by his behavior when I drop him off at Bible class or BSF, though. He cries when I drop him off because he wants to stay with me. Then he cries when I pick him up because he is sorry to see me so soon. Maybe he has problems with transition? I don't know. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants. This is really unlike him and started within the past month or so. Hopefully, he'll grow out of it.

We revel in nerdy family activity time at the Smith house. The kids love for me to pull up websites that have old hymn music on them. We select different tunes and sing together before bed at night. We sing along with the instrumental accompaniment to good old renditions of songs like "He Leadeth Me" (especially sweet when Mary Alice the girl sings it), and "Do You Know My Jesus?". I love to do this and so do the kids. I think I most enjoy hearing their sweet little voices. Precious! They choose a favorite hymn and we sing it together. One night Mary Alice requested a particular hymn of interest, so we listened to it. Big mistake! That hymn, known as "Dust On the Bible" is the goofiest thing ever! Guess which hymn is Major's request each and every time we sit down to sing? "Dust On the Bible" is now a must at our family sing alongs.

One phrase that can be heard repeatedly from Major right now is "Hey Mom! Wook at my new twick!" He really likes to show us the "new twicks" he can do. They are usually things like throwing a ball as high as he can, wearing a plastic bag as a hat, or some funny dance he made up. Our guy really likes attention (from us at least).

I guess that's it about Major. I just felt like he was being extra cute lately, so I thought I'd jot it down.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Number Has Been Disconnected

One of the biggest sources of my frustrations lately has been our phone. For some reason, our current phone number was once the phone number of many other people. I am growing weary of dropping what I am doing around the house or with the kids, sprinting up the stairs and diving to get the phone before the answering machine picks up only to discover that someone has called the wrong number.

We have been on the receiving end of many bill collectors who are trying to reach "Jessica" regarding "an important business matter". Jessica's business matters must be extremely important. This might explain why they call my house 2 to 3 times per day (and night) without relenting. I tell them that "Jessica" no longer has this phone number.

There is also "Lisa" who also used to possess our phone number. Lisa friends must not be too close or they would realize that her phone number has changed within the past year.

Perhaps most annoying are the calls to a person who bears my husband's name and has outstanding student loans from the same student loan provider we used. Josh has called the loan provider at least twice and explained the situation, while I have calmly explained that they have the wrong person many many times.

There is also the "physician's provider network" that calls me several times a week. I think it is a fax because I always hear beeps when I answer their phone calls.

I don't waste any time with salesmen who call our house. If I hear a pause when I answer the phone, even for a second, I hang up. I am sorry for those folks who have to be employed as phone salesmen. There is no product that ANYONE can sell me over the phone, though, so I guess I'm being courteous of their time by hanging up before they can even utter a word. This has backfired on me once. I kept hanging up on our bank. Oops.

Yesterday someone left a message on my cell phone. It was a woman, calling for "Mike". She seemed very worried and desperately asked him to please return her call. She was absolutely convinced that "Mike" was ignoring her. She seemed sad and concerned. The message was very personal. Just why would someone leave a message like that on a phone whose greeting is a woman speaking and clearly states that "you have reached Amber", not "Mike", but "Amber". I just don't understand these people. Josh thought I should call her back and let her know that she had the wrong person. I don't know if calling her back would help. Seriously.

Lastly, my cell phone has received several calls for "Juan". I said, "You have the wrong number." One girl actually argued with me saying, "No, this is Juan's number. I've called it before." What do you say to that???

I went outside to our front porch to get the new phonebooks that were delivered a couple of days ago. Guess what? They had been stolen. Who steals phone books anyway?? Perhaps this was a sign? I think these missing phone books are further proof that my life would be better without a phone.

Josh and I have discussed turning off my phones during the day. We think that would be a good idea. So friends, if you call my phone and I don't answer, it is because I am trying to keep my frustration at bay. If I do happen to answer, don't pause, even for a moment, or I will hang up. Don't ask for Jessica, Lisa, Juan, Mike, the other Joshua, or make a beeping sound either! I'm warning you!!

There are lots of things that bother me lately, like the super loud neighbors we have around here. Booming music, partying at night, and motorcycles and cars that make roaring sounds are our lot around here. This is life in the ghetto.

I guess I should be glad that this is all I have to worry about. I know that I shouldn't be annoyed so easily. I'm trying not to be. Turning off my phones is the first step. Don't be surprised if I am hard to reach.

ADDENDUM: After reading this post, Josh commented that I sounded very bitter. He also said that our friends are going to stop calling us and that I'm going to have to post a blog in a few months to apologize. Though I am irritated by the constant pestering done by solicitors, bill collectors, and confused people, this post does not mean that I don't love to hear from our wonderful family and friends. We like to hear from them anytime, just as long as they don't ask to speak to "Jessica"!

Monday, October 02, 2006


The last few days have been VERY busy for the Smith family. On Friday night, Hannah came to stay with the kids, while Josh and I went to Fright Fest with Chad and Miranda. It was fun, but I learned that with each passing year, my body grows less and less tolerant of roller coasters. My nausea might have been due to the fact that we rode nearly every major ride in Six Flags in about two hours. It might have been due to the fact I am getting older. I felt like a weinie and didn't want to admit to the group that I was feeling rather sickly. Once I realized that Chad was feeling sick also, I didn't feel so bad.

This time I realized why most of those in attendance at Six Flags are in the under twenty age group. I used to think that older people were just fuddy duds for not going to Six Flags. I guess I am slowly joining the ranks of the fuddy duds. I might give up some of the roller coasters, but I will NEVER give up going to Six Flags. It is just too much fun! I love the atmosphere of Six Flags. And there is no better time to go than October. The weather is cool. There are absolutely NO lines. And if there does happen to be a line for the Titan, all you have to do is eat a live Madagascar roach and you will zoom straight to the front!

Saturday and Sunday were busy with sports events, birthday parties, and church. Josh and I are also taking an eight week long Dynamic Marriage class up at the church. We committed to it thinking it was a series of lectures. What we didn't know was that it requires MEGA preparation and daily homework. Like we have time for that! Blah. We shouldn't really have committed to it right now, but are doing are best to get the homework done so that we can get the full benefits of the course. So, anyway, if I seem a little exhausted when you talk to me, it is because I feel like I am in college again. I have homework from various places running out my ears right now!!

On to today- Today was great. Josh didn't have to go to work today. It was homeschool day at Mainstay Farm. Josh and I took the kids out there for some good family time outside. We played on hay bales, went on a hay ride, roasted marshmallows, played in a giant tree fort, played on a fun playground, saw some goats, and picked our own pumpkins to take home.

The next couple of pictures are the kids on the hayride. A Christian husband/wife team run the farm and use their farm to tell people about Jesus. The wife led our hayride and was super funny, telling the kids to yell out "YeeHaw!" I got a picture of Major as he yelled it out. That was his favorite part of the hayride. He kept yelling "Yeehaw!" again and again throughout the ride.

The kids loved being outside at this special place and had much more fun than I thought they would. I think it was even more fun because their daddy got to spend so much time with them. We came home and ate lunch and the kids and I crashed. We were exhausted!

We are planning on spending the next few days at home. My house REALLY needs a little bit of TLC. It is falling apart! The next few days are going to be "work days" for us. This is how it goes for us, a few busy days, then a few days at home. That is the only way I keep my sanity. I have to be going now. Homework is calling my name! AAAAGGGHHH!